Dabbber.io was built to deliver a better eCommerce solution than the industry standard iFrame solutions most common in the retail cannabis market.
The solution was designed to work with Cova POS due to their dominance in the Canadian market and our understanding of the opportunity.  

We quickly became their featured partner.
WooCommerce & WordPress were fast to implement and most of the dispensary owners had contracted agencies that had used WordPress to set up their sites, they just needed the API work done.  

The fact that Cova was charging $3000 to access their API made it prohibitive for agencies to integrate. 

Cova was seemingly blind to the value of catering to the opensource community which in turn would deliver customers long before they thought about their point of sale system.
Adding advanced functions like Terpene filtering and focusing on the results our clients were getting was enough to gain the attention of Cova who continued to fill our calendar with sales leads from their POS customers.
Automated email campaigns ensured customer win back was very successful for clients.
We leveraged our clients in videos for testimonials, case studies & general content.
We focused on our SEO results which were untouchable by iFrame providers.
Our acquisition was finalized in Sept and Announced at MJBizcon in November 2022.
The complete experience was less than 11 months of deliberate work.
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